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Preparing for the unpredictable: communities reducing disaster risk

Oct 4, 2023, 5:30 am - 6:30 pm


How do Australian communities spontaneously mobilise during climate-driven disasters? Join us as experts share new research findings on the actions taken by flood- and fire-impacted communities in New South Wales.

In recent years, Australia has been battered by catastrophic bushfires and floods exacerbated by climate change. It is also clear from these shock events that community organised actions fulfil an essential role in disaster preparation, response and recovery. With science warning that the intensity and frequency of fires, floods and other disasters will only increase in future, what lessons can be learnt from communities already impacted by this ‘new normal’?

A panel of esteemed community organisers and researchers will share crucial new findings from the SEI research project ‘Self-organising Systems to Minimise Future Disaster Risk’ in recognition of the UN’s international Disaster Risk Reduction Day. Learn firsthand insights from their collaboration with affected communities in the Northern Rivers, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains. The research illuminates the essential role of spontaneous community organising in times of disaster underpinned by strong local knowledge and connection. The discussion will explore how government and emergency services can effectively support this role and how the most meaningful community actions can often go unnoticed.




Sydney Environment Institute

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