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Rebuilding after a Disaster

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    Pete Williams

    <p>I was asked about issues faced when rebuilding after a disaster and thought i would strart a thread. This link is an article, in the Guardian, that I contibuted to about the combination of factors that made it so hard to rebuild after Black Summer.</p&gt;
    <p>On the positive side it refers tom the Rebuilding Advisory “One Stop Shop” concierge model that was set up in communities after Black Saturday that was very effective. Perhaps the key difference was the Black Saturday model was a concierge style model which helped people through the end to end process of what they could afford, what options they had, input into design and location for safety, building regulations, planning and interaction with builders and council.  The advisory service established after Black Summer was more focused on planning and council related issues.</p>
    <p>There was a concierge model established in Victoria, around January 2023 with more personalised assistance which, from some people I have spoken to who are part of it,  has had good results.rebuilding</p>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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