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Creating a community based map of people and assets

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    Pete Williams

    <p>I live in the community of Upper Plenty and there is a group working on a community emergency management plan. The coomunity was hit hard on Black Saturday with lives and homes lost. One of the committee members asked me about being able to create a map that provided details of who was residing on each property and whehter they may need assistance together with details of assets. For example i have a solar and batteries together with Starlink so if power went out people could still keep phomes charged and have comms. I also have lots of water that could be used to refill a fire truck or locals with slip ons. Others in the area have bobcats, excavators, tractors etc. I am wondering if anyone knows of similar projects and how they were managed. I could see it being done via a Google Form that feeds a spreadsheet and is then imported to My Maps. I would need to manage consent and privacy as well as managing access control but it is doable using freely available tech. Has anyone done it before and can you share how you did it as well as managing the non technical side of things like privacy and who can access it.</p>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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