About - DisasterWISE
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Ways of Working

At DisasterWISE we believe in the power of people. Being community-led means that we are not led by a single organisation, but by a collective and innovative community-led approach reaching across all facets of the network . Our membership shapes our actions, strategies, and priorities, as we recognize the valuable knowledge, insights and strengths we all bring.

DisasterWISE encourages member participation and engagement at all levels. We seek diverse perspectives and nurture opportunities for all to be involved in decision-making that drives positive, sustainable change. Collaboration and co-creation are key as we build trust-based relationships and leverage collective knowledge to inform local action. We maintain transparency, provide regular feedback, and report on progress, fostering trust and meaningful change. 


Aboriginal ways of knowing, being, and doing encompass deep knowledge in the interconnectedness of all things – along with how to heal and care for Country. Colonisation has led to disconnection. DisasterWISE acknowledges First Nations people as holders of deep wisdom and resilience, being the oldest surviving culture on Earth. DisasterWISE will foreground Aboriginal knowledge through deep listening, building relationships, learning and cultural awareness. We will advocate for strong allyship amongst non-indigenous people for more inclusive, vibrant communities. We will actively listen to explore better ways to connect, learn and create change. Join us in demonstrating deep respect for Aboriginal ways and walking together on the path of reconciliation towards a more just society.


At DisasterWISE, we prioritize transparency and open communication. We actively involve the membership in decision-making and keep them informed every step of the way. Honesty, integrity, and accountability are central to our actions and relationships. We create a culture of fairness and open communication that drives our success. We hold ourselves accountable, learn from mistakes, and continuously improve and adapt. Each member has a responsibility to create an environment where open communication, integrity, and trust thrive for the benefit of all.

The DisasterWISE network is built on trust and respect developed through story and sharing our experiences. We are working from an innate place of human connection, showing up as ‘human first’ to build meaningful connections. Trust is being reliable, transparent, and accountable. Respect involves recognizing worth, diversity, and perspectives, treating others with kindness, equity and compassion.

At DisasterWISE we welcome active listening and an honest dialogue. Fairness and equity are paramount. This principle applies to all members of the network. Trust and respect guide our interactions, decisions, collaborations, and relationships. We are all knowledge holders and seekers, bringing our curiosity and showing up as lifelong learners to the DisasterWISE space.   

Hope is the belief in positive change and a better future. Sharing stories with purpose invites others into a brave space to tell their own truths. Learning from lived and learned experience to imagine a better future for all. Hope catalyzes growth, collective progress, and systems change. 

To uphold our principle of generating hope, we prioritize a supportive environment. We actively listen, empathise and validate experiences. Join us in generating hope through deep listening, connection and purposeful community-led action.